Media Production

At some point I was contacted by an advertising professional about using SpringThing to produce cool ad graphics. I was game, and so we collaborated to produce some demos for a couple clients. Unfortunately neither deal went through, but it was fun to work on something so unrelated to what I normally do.
This is a concept mask to overlay on SpringThing. You can see it's just a transparent GIF. I added code to use images as both masks and as coloration on the deformable mesh in SpringThing. It would be fun to take it a step further and code up a full-resolution image distorter.

The scripts used to produce these animations in SpringThing look something like this:

gc;stat false;clear;omv 75 30;deselect;ms 13;mf ITM3.gif;ps 10;ff true;
And here are the results - two videos show how the mask overlay plays nicely with the "strings" mesh. The idea was to make it look "plasma-y". I tried implementing some blurring filters in the applet but ultimately it looked better when filmed off of my old giant plasma TV in the dark.
Some previous iterations of a similar concept.
Some screenshots of color-mapped images.

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