SiNoise Documentation


SiNoise is an applet that can model wave interference patterns. It is command line driven and can handle an infinite amount of waves. Waves are organized by label, which is by default a number. the command rn [wave] [newLabel] lets you rename a wave.



The command line has many commands, with run-time help. Type in help for a list of commands, or help [command] to get help for a specific command.
Once a wave is created, you may chose to deform the wave by clicking on it to select it, then holding down shift and dragging the mouse with one button pressed. You will see the wave change form. If you deform a wave that has been merged with other waves, each of those waves will deform and be averaged into the wave you see.

Wave Hierarchy Description

Each wave created is capable of merging with other waves. To merge two waves, use the command av [wave1] [wave2]. This will include wave2 into wave1. To merge another wave into wave1, simply repeat the use of av [wave1] [otherWave].

Patern Description

Wave patterns are influenced by a phenomena known as "aliasing." This occurs when the data sampling rate is too low to accurately represent the data. The waves you see when you deform waves past a certain point are distorted due to the fact that the wave is moving up and down more than once per pixel. That is, the wavelength of the wave is less than one pixel, which is the smallest graphical data output unit available.