About CEO
          Creative Educational Opportunities is a company that provides healthcare education to both lay persons and healthcare workers at large. The staff's clinical experience exceeds over 125 years in a variety of healthcare fields. Critical care, hospital management, Hospice, cardiac cath lab, emergency care, and cardiovascular recovery are just a few of the areas they provide education resources in.
          The staff of Creative Educational Opportunities ( CEO ) have a variety of degrees and national certifications supporting their expertise. These degrees include Masters of Nursing specializing in clinical nurse specialty ( MSN ), Bachelors of Nursing science ( BSN ), and national certification in critical care ( CCRN ). Our company prides itself on bringing our healthcare education to you and constructing courses to fit the needs of the consumer.
          Founded in 2001, we are rapidly growing into a company that can provide healthcare seminars on a large-scale level or meet the needs of a small community group.